Pools & Spa Enclosures

Find out how our award winning retractable swimming pool enclosures will transform your pool or spa area and lifestyle. Delivering year round usage and increasing property value, whilst reducing maintenance and costs.


Terrace or Patio Enclosures

Our retractable terrace or patio enclosures are the perfect addition to any outdoor area and lifestyle. The ideal alternative to a traditional house extension or sunroom, and on the nice days just retract and enjoy the outdoors.


Commercial Enclosures

Attention business owners: retractable swimming pool enclosures and terrace enclosures well enable year-round usage. If your business has an outdoor area/pool a retractable enclosure will increase usage and revenues during inclement weather.


Our Products

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Welcome to TPEC Pool Enclosures (TPEC). We provide a large range of premium telescopic / retractable swimming pool, spa and terrace enclosures throughout Australia.

Our Retractable enclosures are the ultimate lifestyle product, allowing year round usage, and when the weather permits your pool or outdoor area can be opened within minutes – providing the most versatile, stylish and cost effective solution for enclosing a pool, spa or outdoor area. Reducing maintenance and increasing safety, usage, and also property values.

We are passionate about delivering a premium product and seamless projects so we partnered with the World’s leading supplier, IPC. The IPC Team are the most recognised manufacturers of telescopic, retractable swimming pool, spa and terrace enclosures in the industry, World-wide. Our products are available in 40 countries, including the USA, France, Germany, Italy and New Zealand. TPEC are the IPC Team member for Australia.

We run all of our project start to finish and our retractable enclosures can be installed on existing pools, spas, or terraces or alternatively integrated into new pool or house projects. We often work with leading pool builders, builders, landscapers, and architects to produce premium, high quality integrated enclosure projects.

TPEC are National members of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA). In 2013, we were awarded the Gold Sustainability Award with SPASA Victoria, recognising the quality, sustainability and innovation of our telescopic / retractable pool enclosure products and skilled workmanship. In 2014 we were finalists in the SPLASH Environmental Awards for the sustainability product category.

With TPEC you get the World’s leading product designed and installed by and experienced professional team.

Our goal – Change the way Australians use/manage their pools and outdoor areas.


All enclosures are 100% custom designed and have a number of optional design features, including lateral sliding, hinged or lift up doors, as well as ventilating windows and other special features to meet client requirements and site capabilities.

We have endless design capabilities with low, medium, high and lean-to pool enclosures. Our retractable swimming pool enclosures have huge benefits if you have a swimming pool. You can swim any time of the day/night, year-round and still enjoy an outdoor pool when the weather permits, plus reduce 75% of ongoing maintenance and costs. Our pool enclosures will reduce heating and cleaning requirements, minimised water evaporation and chemical use, and maximise safety through controlled key entry and UV protection.

Our retractable lean-to pool enclosures and terrace enclosures feature one ground level track and one wall/overhead track – ideal for extending an outdoor area for your home or business.

Our swimming pool enclosures and terrace enclosures are the ideal alternative to a traditional indoor pool / permanent structure, extension, patio, cabana, sail or motorised, automated and multifunctional pool cover systems.

All of our enclosures are manufactured in Europe to ISO 9001 Quality Management standards and ISO 14001 Sustainability Management standards. Materials used include aluminium, UV protected polycarbonate, glass, stainless steel and rubber. The track system is a patented, low profile, ‘walk-on’ design.